Carl Mogilnicki

Carl is a long-time resident of Marin County, where he enjoys the multiple outdoor recreational opportunities. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science and a Master Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Finance. Carl has 25 years of experience as a mortgage loan originator, before that he enjoyed his success as a Realtor. With his wealth of experience in both mortgage loans and residential real estate he provides much useful information and advice. On occasion, his advice may be NOT to proceed with a loan. If the loan does not benefit the client financially, he will say so. One of his favorite expressions is “Math doesn’t lie”.

Carl volunteers currently as the Treasurer of Legacies in Motion, an organization that provides education and basic housing for children in need as well as the development of clean water projects. Carl is a strong believer in education and that it is the key to gaining good employment and ending poverty. Legacies in Motion is a non-profit organization composed entirely of unpaid volunteers, with the idea that being able to give to others is compensation enough.